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Latest Position Of Literacy (2005-06)

The research station is located at 220 52" E latitude and 910 10" N longitude having elevation of 12.6 m with sandy loam soil and pH range of 5.1 to 5.5. Adaptive research is the mandate of the State Agriculture Research Station. This station endeavors to keep pace with the new frontiers of crop improvements and contemporary developments those are socially and technically relevant to the States Agriculture Policy. In view of its significant contribution towards the rice research and development it has become a voluntary centre of All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Programme. The main objective of the station is to disseminate the modern technology among the farming community of Tripura by carrying out research works. The Research Units of this establishment namely Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Pest Management conducts basic adaptive research on different aspects of Crop Management, Crop Improvement and Crop Protection. Besides this State Soil Testing Laboratory and State Seed Testing laboratory is also providing different Agro Advisory Services to the farmers of Tripura. The Station has also to its credit State Bio-fertilizer Production Centre, State Pesticide Testing Laboratory and State Bio-Control Production Centre which are significantly contributing to the Agriculture field in a sustainable approach.

As per Census 2001, literacy rate of the State is 73.20% against National rate 65.38%. Male literacy rate of the State is 81.00% (National rate 75.85%) and female literacy rate of State 64.9% (National rate 54.16%). Zilla Saksharata Samities has forwarded position of literacy as communicated by the Sociological Resource unit of the Indian Statistical Institute (as on January 2005) vide his letter dated 31-05-2006.

In the Year 2001, the literacy rate of Tripura was 73.20%. As per the survey report of ISI (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata), the literacy rate has increased by 6.94%. Status report of the State as on 31-01-2005 is given below:

District Level of Literacy as on 31-01-2005 (%) Level of Literacy as per 2001 census (%) Increase in the level of literacy (%)
- Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total
West 88.56 78.78 83.81 84.60 69.60 77.30 3.96 9.18 6.51
North 83.58 73.09 78.53 80.00 65.60 73.00 3.58 7.49 5.53
South 83.73 69.37 76.70 78.90 60.30 69.90 4.83 9.07 6.80
Dhalai 79.33 66.91 73.12 70.20 51.00 60.90 9.13 15.91 12.22
Total 85.54 74.33 80.14 81.00 64.90 73.20 4.54 9.43 6.94
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