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Brief History :

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The State Government of Tripura launched Mid-Day-Meal Scheme in the State w.e.f. 1st March 1980 for children reading in class I to V in Govt. and Govt. Aided Schools. Under the Scheme, the School going children of Primary stage provided dried food like biscuit, chira, muri and locally available seasonal fruits for 200 days in a year. Subsequently, Govt. of India introduced Mid-Day-Meal Programme under the scheme entitled “National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education” (NP-NSPE) w.e.f. 15th August 1995 in the whole Country as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme.
From the year 2003, the State Government began providing cooked meal to all the children of classes I to V (Primary level) and from the year 2008 to all the children of classes VI to VIII (Upper primary level).

  • 100% Coverage of School and children :

100% of enrolled children of elementary level (Class I to VIII) in all Govt. and Govt. aided schools, Madrassa/ Muqtab institution and also in the all EGS and AIE centers established under SSA Scheme are being covered under the Mid-Day-Meal Scheme (MDMS).

  • Cooking cost and Foodgrains Norms:
Year Primary Upper Primary
Cooking Cost
( Per Child Per Day)
Quantity of foodgrain (rice)(Per Child Per Day) Cooking Cost
( Per Child Per Day)
Quantity of foodgrain (rice) (Per Child Per Day)
Center Share State Cont. Total Center Share State Cont. Total
2010-11 2.42 0.50 2.92 100 gm 3.63 0.50 4.13 150 gm
2011-12 2.60 0.50 3.10 100 gm 3.90 0.50 4.40 150 gm
2012-13 2.79 0.50 3.29 100 gm 4.19 0.50 4.69 150 gm
2013-14 3.01 0.50 3.51 100 gm 4.50 0.50 5.00 150 gm
2014-15 3.23 0.50 3.73 100 gm 4.48 0.54 5.38 150 gm
2015-16 3.38 0.50 3.88 100 gm 5.08 0.56 5.64 150 gm
  • Weekly menu :

The weekly menu for the cooked mid day meal has been introduced in consultation with the dietician of the State Govt. considering the food value and test of variety. The common uniform menu presently served to the children is as follows :-

  • Rice and vegetable curry 2 days in week
  • Rice and egg (full) curry 2 days in week.
  • Khichudi 1 day in a week
  • Rice and Veg. curry or Khichudi 1 day in a week (Saturday)
  • Kitchen-cum-Store :

Kitchen-cum-store has been constructed in all eligible school units (except newly opened school units) in the state.

  • Provision of Dinning hall :

The School Education Department, Govt. of Tripura has initiated to construct Dinning Hall with seating arrangement in the school premises for taking the mid day meal. Presently total 32 nos. dinning hall have already been constructed in different school premises.

  • Provision of Safe Storage Facility :

Safe and good quality storage bins for storage of rice has been procured in all school units (6566 nos) where MDM is implementing.

  • Generating Awareness :

To generate general awareness regarding MDM Programme posters have been displayed in all school premises and some hording on MDM Programme also displayed in prominent places for general awareness.

  • School Inspection :

Beside the supervision of Steering cum Monitoring Committees activated at State, District, Sub-Division level, Departmental officers right from Dy. Inspector of Schools to the Director are making inspection regularly in schools to ensure and monitoring the quality and proper implementation of the Mid-Day-Meal programme.

  • Health and Sanitation :

(A) The School Education Department has taken necessary steps to provide Iron and Folic Acid tablet (IFA tablet) to all the children of all schools covered under Mid-Day-Meal Programme in collaboration with Health Department, Govt. of Tripura.

(B) The School Education Department, Govt. of Tripura has initiated to aware the school going children about the goodness of clean and hygiene and introduces the “HAND WASH” programme in each school unit along with Mid-Day-Meal programme.

MDM Rules – 2015

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) read with clause (b) of sub-section (2) of section 39 of the National Food Security Act, 2013 (20 of 2013), the Central Government has made Mid-day-Meal rules 2015 which have come into the effect from the date of publication in official Gazette i.e 30.09.2015. These rules are as bellow:

Rule 3 : Entitlement for nutritional meal.

Every child within the age group of six to fourteen years studying in classes I to VIII who enroll and attend the school, shall be provided meal having nutritional standards as specified in Schedule II of the Act, free of charge every day except on school holidays.

Rule 4 : Place of serving meal.

The meal shall be served to children at school only.

Rule 5 :Preparation of meals and maintenance of standards and quality.

(1) The meal shall be prepared in accordance with the Mid Day Meal guidelines issued by the Central Government from time to time and in accordance with the provisions of Schedule II of the Act.

(2) Every school shall have the facility for cooking meal in hygienic manner. Schools in urban area may use the facility of centralised kitchens for cooking meals wherever required in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Central Government and the meal shall be served to children at respective school only.

Rule 6 : State Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee for Mid-Day Meal Scheme:

The State Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee (SSMC) shall oversee the implementation of the scheme with a view to ensure implementation of the Act including establishment of a mechanism for maintenance of nutritional standards and quality of meals.

Rule 7: Role of School Management Committee (SMC) for monitoring Mid-day meals scheme.

(1) The School Management Committee mandated under Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 shall also monitor implementation of the Mid-Day-Meal Scheme and shall oversee quality of meals provided to the children, cleanliness of the place of cooking and maintenance of hygiene in implementation of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme.

(2) The Headmaster or Headmistress of the school shall be empowered to utilise any fund available in school for the purpose of continuation of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme in the school in case of temporary unavailability of food grains, cooking cost etc. in the school. The utilised fund shall be reimbursed to the school account immediately after receipt of Mid-Day-Meal funds.

Rule 8:Testing of Meals by accredited Laboratories :

(1) Hot cooked meal provided to children shall be evaluated and certified by the Government Food Research Laboratory or any laboratory accredited or recognized by law, so as to ensure that the meal meets with the nutritional standards and quality specified in Schedule II to the Act.

The Food and Drugs Administration Department of the State may collect samples to ensure the nutritive value and quality of the meals.

(2) The Department referred to in sub-rule (1) shall collect the samples at least once in a month from randomly selected schools or centralised kitchens and send such samples for examination to the laboratories referred to in sub-rule (1).

Rule 9:  Food Security Allowance :

(1) If the Mid-Day-Meal is not provided in school on any school day due to non-availability of food grains, cooking cost, fuel or absence of cook-cum-helper or any other reason, the State Government shall pay food security allowance as defined in clause (c) of rule 2 to every child referred to in rule 3 by 15th of the succeeding month in the manner provided herein below:-

(a) Quantity of Food grains as per entitlement of the child; and

(b) Cooking cost prevailing in the State.

(2) In case of non-supply of meal by the Centralised Kitchen, the Food Security Allowance shall be realised from the Centralised Kitchen as per sub-rule (1), Provided that in case a child has not taken food on offer for whatever reasons, no claim of food security allowance shall lie with the State Government or Centralised Kitchens for reasons of quality of food grains and meal.

(3) The State Government shall take action to fix responsibility on the person or agency in accordance with the procedure laid down, if mid day meal is not provided in school on school days continuously for three days or at least for five days in a month.

(4) Wherever an agency of Central Government is involved, the State Government shall take up the matter with Central Government which shall resolve the matter within a month.

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