Achievements for 2015-16

School Education Department has been giving its full efforts to set up the Education system of the State in a dignified height. A diligent endeavor is being put not only for the increase of the total literacy rate of the State but also taking initiatives to improve the quality of education.

2(two) Flagship programmes
(i) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and (ii) Mid-day-Meal are being implemented successfully in the State with a band of teaching and non-teaching workers.

Sr.No. Item Achievements for 2015-16 Remarks
1 Opening New J.B. Schools 05 All schools are English medium
2 Up-gradation J.B. to S.B.
(Under State Plan)
00 NIL
3 Up-gradation J.B. to S.B.
(Under SSA,Rajya Mission,Tripura)
14 NIL
4 Up-gradation S.B. to High
(Under State Plan)
09 NIL
5 Up-gradation S.B. to High
(Under RMSA,Tripura)
14 NIL


Out of school Children(Elementary Stage) 739 nos. (As per Household survey 2015).But after Vidyaloya Chalo Abhijan -2016, no. of out of School Children is 151 NIL
7 Drop Out Rate: Class I -V 3.62 (2014-15)
1.28( 2015-16)
8 Drop Out Rate: Class I -VIII 3.46(2014-15)
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